At® Pay per Head online solution we offer the most professional bookmaking contact center option. Bookmakers have many pay per head options which are cost-effective and 100% customizable depending on their needs.

Online Sports Betting has never been easier and at® Pay per Head we make sure our bookmakers get our ready for the upcoming NFL regular season guaranteeing the best and most secure players’ betting experience at all times.

We at® aim to provide top-notch technology 24/7/365, solid and secure betting environments for both, the betting players and the online bookmakers. Other benefits we provide to the local bookmaker are:

  • Dual bookie software
  • No download time
  • Top quality betting software
  • Customized websites
  • Mobile betting platforms
  • 800 phone lines
  • Data protection
  • Enhanced betting activities

At® Pay per Head we guarantee highly secure betting environments so our bookmakers feel comfortable accessing their daily and weekly reports, account balances, wagers review, account reconciliations, players´profiles and any other type of information they need.

Furthermore, our customer and wagering support staff is highly educated and multilingual so they will be able to answer promptly and in the preferred language. Additionally, our management team offers other top services like risk management and wagering specialist advice in case our bookmakers would like to have more insight knowledge on how to run their bookmaking business.® customer support is available around the clock via email, chat or telephone assisting players and bookmakers in different languages like: English, Spanish and Asian (Chinese). Be sure to review other great benefits provided by® Pay per Head offshore services by clicking here:

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