® Pay per Head services provides countless bookmaking services, our priority has always been to offer top-notch technology to bookamakers and their players.

At® Pay per Head offshore services we provide an experienced and professional risk management solution. We guarantee a detailed and efficient analysis behind the fine art of handling betting lines as we are aware the success of our bookmakers’ businesses is based on it.

We make every effort to engage in a long-lasting and solid business relationship with our bookmakers. Our team of experts will evaluate and advise you about your betting and financial objectives, service requests and sports book ideas and the correct implementation for your business success.

Our wagering specialists are very dedicated and monitor constantly all players’ betting activity by cross checking online betting account similarities for possible scams or unacceptable actions. In addition to our sharp lines,® Pay per Head offers top players services which are a great advantage and time saver to our bookmakers.

Being a bookmaker requires a lot of time and hard work and your bookmaking operation is also multifaceted, for that reason at® Pay per Head services we offer to help you maximize your resources in order to obtain top results within a few days.

Our goal is to make sure everyone’s betting experience is secure, easy and fun. Some other benefits offered are:

  • High Security systems
  • Robust world wide connectivity
  • Full gaming functionality
  • Tracking systems
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Intelligent Messaging for customer retention
  • Mobile Account Sign up
  • 24/7/365 account access

If you are a bookmaker looking to provide your players with the best online and telephone betting service regardless of your business size® Pay per Head is your number one choice. We provide the right tools to get your business started and we stay alert to make sure your betting activity keeps increasing on a daily basis.

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