® Pay per Head offshore solution is being managed by a sports betting group of specialists that has an extensive gambling background who can guarantee to get your betting business right on track in no time.

Managing a sports betting operation requires a lot of hard work, proper risk management and professional customer support. This is exactly what® Pay per Head provides to bookmakers and their players while taking care of their online businesses by offering highly secure environments, top leading technology and dual bookie software to help carry out all betting activities.

One of the most common concerns bookmakers have is to find a reliable and professional risk management group that can help them be efficient and competitive, especially when it comes to the handling sports betting lines and the managing of the players’ daily betting action.

Additionally, at® Pay per Head solution our bookmakers can also enjoy the following services:

  • Virtual betting all year round
  • Mobile betting platforms
  • Live in-game action
  • Wide horse betting selection
  • Website hosting solution
  • Highly secure betting environments

The one real benefit our solution guarantees to bookmakers as a Pay per Head leading service, is the ability to work hand in hand with a team of experts that will make sure your online and telephone betting shops generate lots of money in a very short period of time.

At® Pay per Head online soluton we provide the most extensive sports offering, sophisticated call center facilities, multilingual staff, and the best connectivity. There will be no download delays, betting account access failures or data loss as we have one of the best backups to ensure all systems will be up and running 24/7/365.

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