Becoming a Master Bookmaker

Becoming a Master Bookmaker

Nowadays, there are many options to online bookmakers to get their online business set up, but it is very important to do your homework and research extensively before choosing a business outsourcing solution to migrate your sports betting players to.

A bookmaking operation is quite complex and requires a lot of work for that reason at® Pay per Head we help our bookmakers maximize their resources in order to get top results within a few weeks. Becoming a Master sports betting agent is about making the right decisions and working along with the experts.

The following are some testimonials on the experiences lived by other bookmakers who decided to join our online bookmaking services:

“After getting a lot of complaints from my players, I was forced to look for a per head service that was NOT down at least twice a day. I checked site and saw that they guarantee no downtime at all. My players can make bets and see their history online and I can do that to and all the information is protected. I feel my business is in the hands of professionals and don’t have to worry about losing people because of bad service anymore. I recommend because they have what it takes to keep my business moving. So far, so good.”

O.W. Shreveport, LA

My days of answering the phone, taking bets and helping players with their claims all by myself are gone. Thank you guys at BettorsNet for giving me all the services in one single account. Now I can sleep tight knowing that my business is taken care of by a company with lots of experience and advanced technology, and I just pay $5 dollars per player each week.”

Tom G. – Brooklyn, NY

My season has been great! Now with online access players just keep going and going and for me everything is smooth. I wish I had tried a few years ago.”

Becca T, Columbus, GA

When joining our pay per head solution our bookmakers receive:

  • full access to your bookmaker´account at any time -24/7/365 to resolve any type of issues
  • ongoing 24/7/365 customer support available to your players attended by “your multilingual call center agents”
  • a personalized website with the pay per head package features previously selected to engage your players
  • a toll free dedicated telephone line for your players to contact us at any time of the day

At® Pay per Head online solution bookmakers find the right place to grow their betting business for as low as $5 per players. Let us show you how a professional and reliable pay per head solution really works. Make sure to contact us today to find out more details on how to get started and ask for the our FREE TRIAL now!!

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