Getting your online bookmaking business started is no easy task and there are many aspects and daily responsibilities to take into account before you, the bookmaker decide what services to offer and what will be good for your business growth.

A pay per head contact center solution offers bookmakers the option to provide quality and professional online bookmaking services to their players while offering online tools that help with their daily tasks regardless of their location or the time of day they would like to access their information.® Pay per Head offshore operation center is located San José in Costa Rica, a strategic location to provide the most reliable contact center solution. Our contact center is fully equipped with top-class infrastructure to ensure the best connectivity to our sports betting bookmakers’ web sites and their betting activities.

Our technical support staff works around the clock to guarantee no download delays, highly secure data storage, and development environments and tailored server configurations to provide full access 24/7/365.

We at Pay per Head services ensure top security levels on every transaction whether accessing reports, reviewing lines, making deposits or placing wagers. And our IT support team is constantly improving all safety measures to create a more effective betting process for bookmakers and players.

Some other benefits provided by® Pay per Head contact center solution are:

  • Widest horse betting selection
  • Sharpest lines managed by a team of professionals
  • Live in-game betting action
  • Mobile betting platform
  • Package prices starting at low prices
  • Broadest sports offerings
  • Multilingual sports & horse racing clerks
  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas
  • Risk management professionals

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