At® Pay per Head online services our goal is to guarantee the easier, faster and most pleasant betting experiences for bookmakers and their sports betting players. At the same time, we provide our bookmakers with valuable risk management and marketing advice to engage in a long lasting profitable business relationship.

Besides our commitment to offer a professional online solution at® Pay per Head we also provide local bookmakers with a long list of benefts to help them grow their betting businesses, for example:

  • 80+ sports betting leagues
  • Live in-game action
  • Tout sheets
  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas
  • Widest horse betting selection
  • Sharp betting lines
  • Mobile betting platform
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Customizable pay per head packages
  • Virtual casino action

One of our strongest benefits at® Pay per Head is the type of technology we implement to our daily bookmaking activities. We guarantee the highest security levels of confidentiality to keep all processed data safely and secure at all times.

Additionally, we provide our bookmakers the option to host their websites so they don’t have to worry about looking for a different provider.

Hosting websites is a very attractive solution to most bookmakers as we can also offer to customized their betting skins to their preferences and likes at no extra costs. At the same time, the bookmakers are ensured to have full access: real-time reporting, online marketing tools, mobile betting platforms and the best betting experience.® Pay per Head services is the right choice. We are more than just an online bookmaking solution, we provide all the tools bookmakers require to be have a successful business backed up with top-notch technology. Make sure to get in touch with our customer support department today to get your pay per head account set up now!

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