® Pay per Head services ambition is to provide a complete, secure and professional bookmaking solution while guaranteeing our bookmakers and players all data is handled in protected betting environments and top confidentially on every transaction that takes place.

Our group of gambling experts is backed up by years of experience so their knowledge guarantees high quality in all the bookmaking services and benefits we provide to our bookmakers and their betting players.

When joining a pay per head online solution there are many advantages bookmakers on a daily basis; some of these benefits consist on being able to provide the players with ongoing access to sharp betting lines and the most extensive offering in sports and all major events on 80+ leagues.® Pay per Head services ensure high security levels on every transaction whether accessing reports, reviewing lines, making deposits or placing wagers. One of the strongest pillars at® is the technology we have implemented to ensure the safest betting environments from any type of mobile devices.

Our bookmakers can access and make changes to their accounts and their players profiles at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details on how set your pay per head account.® Pay per Head offshore solution offers much more than just a regular bookmaking service. We are the industry experts and for more than 15 years we have provided the most secure and confidential online bookmaking services that your players will enjoy, some of these services are: live in-game action, solid connectivity, 80+ sporting leagues, sharp lines, risk management services, horse betting and online casino games.

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