Managing your online betting business has never been easier and our offshore Pay per Head will help you shift your business model and take it to the next level at a very convenient price of as low as $5 per head.

Whether your bookmaking business has a small, medium or large number of sports enthusiasts our pay per head services offer unlimited access and most reliable solution to have complete monitoring and control of your players´daily betting activities, accounts, casino and poker action and betting lines.

As a® bookmaker your will be able to use our service for a specific sport or season for example: NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, March Madness, Horse Racing, Tennis or any other. Our bookmakers have total control to take the service on a regular basis no matter what season or sport.® Pay per Head offers to our sports bookmakers and their players the best online and telephone betting experience on more than 80 sporting leagues from around the world and all sporting events. No other pay per head solutions offers so many sports options in the industry.

Amongst some other great benefits offered by® Pay per Head we can mention:

  • live in-game betting action

  • sharp lines

  • unlimited sport & casino options

  • strong connectivity

  • highly secure betting environments

  • high tech call center facilities

  • mobile betting platforms® Pay per Head group of gambling experts ensures the flawless course of every player´ betting experience at all times. Our bookmakers can rest assure no transaction will be interrupted or dropped. Your players will appreciate how great it is to bet at any time of the day and with the best pay per head solution in the industry.

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