® Pay Per Head headquarters are located in Costa Rica also known as the hub of the Americas and one of the top offshore online solutions to help bookmakers level up their sports betting shops business fast, easy and cost-effectively.

The country of Costa Rica is one of the top resources worldwide that provides well educated, multilingual and very capable manpower, very strong business development options and highly secure banking solutions.

In addition, we at® Pay Per Head count with a group of gambling experts who have more than 15 years of experience in the pay per head industry. Some of the services offered which make the difference between a successful business are:

  • Mobile betting platforms

  • Ongoing technical support

  • 800 phone lines available for all sport events

  • Personalized websites

  • 80+ sports leagues

  • Dual platform bookie software

  • Top security levels

  • Sharpest lines in the gaming market

  • Top Risk Management

Furthermore, at® we also provide the best technology tools while offering secure hosting solutions 100% designed for each individual bookmakers with the highest security levels to ensure the best sports betting experience from beginning to end.® Price per Head services is the right choice to make if you are looking to expand your betting business and acquire more players. Contact us today to get your pay per head account set up within minutes.

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