® Pay per Head solution is your gambling support in all areas of your betting business. Bookmakers need a competitive advantage over their competitors and we provide an extensive list of benefits to offer them which will free a great deal of their time so they can concentrate on acquiring new players and expanding their online betting business cost-effectively and 100% hassle-free.

Our offshore solution ensure strong and secure betting environments for the players and bookmakers.® headquarters are fully equipped with the best technology and we are located in Costa Rica, basically the best place to outsource highly specialized and trained technical support experts.

At® Pay per Head players are able to bet live on sports like: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, Tennis tournaments, MMA, MLS, Golf, Soccer events (World Cup & EuroCup) and 80+ sporting leagues.® Pay per Head package options and prices are very convenient, our bookmakers have three choices: Essential, Elite and Unlimited. The following is a direct link to a list of main differences bookmakers will find, depending on the type of players they manage:

These are some of the benefits:

  • Tracking systems
  • Intelligent Messaging for customer retention
  • Mobile Account Sign up
  • Robust world wide connectivity
  • Full gaming functionality
  • 24/7/365 account access
  • High Security systems

At® Pay per Head online solution bookmakers find the right place to grow their betting business for as low as $5 per players. Let us show you how a professional and reliable pay per head solution really works. Make sure to contact us today to find out more details on how to get started and ask for the our FREE TRIAL now!!

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