Sports Betting Technology

Sports Betting Technology

Every day new technological improvements, new softwares, or enhanced ways to connect with customers step in and we at® Pay per Head make sure to implement the newest most trendy technology in order to communicate with our bookmakers faster and in a more effective way 24/7/365.

As a® bookmaker you and your sports betting players are provided with unlimited access from any smart phone, mobile device, laptop and tablet.

Sports betting players and bookmakers can place bets on any sport, chat with customer & wagering support, review scores, check lines, adjust profiles, fund betting accounts, review game schedules and sporting events, check account balances and much much more.

Besides providing solid and secure betting environments for both, the players and the online bookmakers, our top-class technical infrastructure located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica provides a professional business environment to guarantee our customers only he best betting experience.

At® Pay per Head your players will be able to bet on the most extensive sporting offering in the industry and on live in-game action via our new mobile betting platform which providing security, confidentiality, and reliability at all time. Your betting players will notice the difference of being catered by professional within minutes which will multiply your business profits in a flash.® Pay per Head services offers the most professional and reliable offshore bookmaking solution for as low as $5 per player.

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