Reactivating your Sport Betting Players

Reactivating your Sport Betting Players

Over the past ten years the online betting industry has gone through many extraordinary changes that include: full and direct access to the players´online accounts real time, live in-game action on all major sporting events and highly secure betting environments to provide the best betting experience.

At® Price per Head services our bookmakers find exactly what they need to perform their daily betting activities, lines monitoring, reporting, accounts reconsiliation. and reactivation of players that have been inactive for some time. We assure your players will enjoy a great service 24 hours a day regardless of their location.® Pay per head services provides a great deal of online marketing benefits to ensure the continuous action of players; some of these services are:

  • personalized web sites

  • unique 800 numbers

  • text messaging

  • live in-game action alerts

  • players’ risk management assistance

  • handling of betting lines,

  • business development

And in addition to our marketing services at® we also offer professional and top quality pay per head advantages such as:

  • Live in-game action

  • Sharp Lines

  • Mobile platforms

  • Solid connectivity

  • Agents´reporting

  • Personalized Parlays & Teasers profiles

  • 80+ leagues

  • Extensive horse racing betting

  • Virtual casino and poker

Be sure to contact® Pay per Head services to get your bookmaker account ready within minutes. Our multilingual customer support is one of the best and most professional in the pay per head in the industry.

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