Nowadays, there are many bookmakers who are struggling in managing properly their online betting business as they do not have the necessary tools to develop their betting shops into real online businesses.

It is extremely important that bookmakers are able to implement different strategies and offer a wide variety of services in order to obtain good revenue and acquire more betting players while keeping their active players entertained and satisfied with their betting experiences.

At® Pay per Head we provide a reliale, professional and experienced risk management service handled by our team of gambling experts. We make sure our bookmakers are given a detailed analysis to further understand the fine art of handling sports betting lines, this is a top priority as we understand their business success is essentially based on it.

Besides our strategic offshore location we at® have many competitive business advantages that are offered to our bookmakers’ operations and their daily betting activies. Some of these benefits are:

  • Top-quality technology and security

  • Fiber-optic network back up

  • Unrestricted transaction management

  • Online reporting

  • Highly skilled staff

  • 24/7/365 technical support

  • Exclusive telephone lines for agents and players

  • 80+ Sport betting leagues

  • Live in-game action

  • Sharp lines & top players services

  • Widest horse betting selection, 70+ racetracks

  • Mobile betting platform available to agents and players

  • Daily poker tournaments & casino games

If you are looking to provide your customers with the best online and telephone betting service, regardless of your business size,® Pay per Head services should be your number one choice. We provide the right tools to get your business started and we stay alert to make sure your betting activity keeps increasing on a daily basis.

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