Pay per Head Technology Trends

Pay per Head Technology Trends

The leading pay per head service® offers one of the most extensive and top-of-the-line technology trends for online bookmakers and their sports betting players.

Our offshore contact center solution located in Costa Rica is fully equipped with top-class technical infrastructure, one of our strongest benefits. This infrastructure allows us to deliver strong connectivity, secure betting environments, hosting solutions like sports betting web sites to our betting agents and mobile betting platforms. We ensure no download delays, variety of tailored server configurations, an extensive list of domain names, data storage and updated backups plus full access 24/7/365.® team of gambling experts works very hard to provide the most professional services and best technologies to ensure an easy, fast, and remarkable betting experience for the players and the bookmakers.

We understand how important it is for a bookmaker to be able to monitor his accounts, have continuous communication with his players, reconcile his players´accounts within minutes and access his daily and weekly reports in no time.

Nowadays, betting and technology blended almost perfectly to provide only top online services and we at® have taken great advantages of this merge. We have implemented it to our services via mobile access adding great value to our bookmakers´efforts and convenience.® Pay per Head offshore services is the industry leader and the only paye per head where bookmakers and sports betting players will have the best betting experiences. We deliver results while helping you grow your online betting business.

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