the #1 pay per head solution the #1 pay per head solution® Pay per Head services offers the right outsourcing solution for large, medium or small betting shops and bookmakers. Our online option is the most convenient and secure pay per head solution as we guarantee our bookmakers´ online success within just a few days of joining the service.

In recent years, the gambling industry has experienced countless positive changes that have enormously help the development and grow of online betting and pay per head services.

Some of these benefits include: the direct access of the sports betting players to wager online by using personalized websites, 800 toll free betting lines, highly secure betting environments, 80+ betting leagues, highly skilled gambling experts who provide top quality risk management support and mobile platforms for ongoing betting action.

At® Pay per Head services our bookmakers have access to some of our premium service features which are the ability to manage and monitor their own betting lines at all times and our dual platform bookie betting software. These platforms provide:

  • Live agents´ reporting

  • Daily & weekly figures

  • Real-time line changes

  • Scores & game updates

  • Personalized parlays & teasers profiles

  • Player risk management

  • Live in-game action® online solution is a real guarantee to achieve your business goals from the first moment you join our service. Our highly trained multilingual customer support staff is available to our bookmakers and their players around the clock so live the NFL Superbowl action by  joining® Pay per Head services today!

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