® Pay per Head services is the leading online solution pioneer in the industry with more than 15 years of gambling background experience. We guarantee our group of line makers also have years of experience and a strong expertise that will be of great help to our bookmakers for a better handle of the betting lines.

If you are looking to provide your sports betting players with the best online and telephone betting service® Pay per Head is your right choice. We provide the right tools in technology advantages, risk management, sharp lines, multilingual support and 80+ sporting leagues to get your players engaged and entertained while they keep increasing their daily betting.

In addition, our online solution ensures high security levels on every sport or casino betting transaction executed by the players from different mobile devices. On the bookmakers´ end, they will have full access to check reports, review betting lines, transfer funds, reconciliate balances.

The following are some other benefits provided by® Pay per Head services:

  • Broadest sports offerings

  • Sharpest lines managed by professionals

  • Live in-game betting action

  • Multilingual sports & horse racing clerks

  • Mobile betting platform

  • Risk management professionals

  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas

  • Widest horse betting selection

  • Dual platform bookie software® Pay per Head services we deliver only the best betting experiences to our bookmakers and their players. Make sure to get in touch with us to set up your pay per head account within minutes.

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