Super Bowl 2014 Contenders

Super Bowl 2014 Contenders

There is no doubt the Super Bowl XLVIII will start many days before the kickoff. The pinnacle of the NFL regular season has a very interested schedule of events hosted by the Super Bowl committee and mainly these events will take place in the metro region of New Jersey and New York.

The 2014 Super Bowl betting odds have at the top of the list the Seattle Sea hawks and the Denver Broncos. Here is a quick look at the current top ten Super Bowl odds:

Denver Broncos                     11/4

Seattle Seahawks                   11/4

New Orleans Saints                8/1

San Francisco 49ers                8/1

New England Patriots             10/1

Cincinnati Bengals                  16/1

Carolina Panthers                   18/1

Kansas City Chiefs                 25/1

Philadelphia Eagles                28/1

Indianapolis Colts                   33/1

Additionally, the Lions and the Chicago Bears both have a 7-6 record at the very top of the NFC North conference.

The Lions will host the Baltimore Ravens for a promising game on Monday.  Both teams Lions and Ravens do not play until next week, but their best offensive players have not been able to get on the practice.

On the other hand, wide receiver Marlon Brown of the Baltimore Ravens earned a lot more trust from quarterback Joe Flacco after catching the game winning touchdown last week against the Minnesota Vikings.

“Flacco put the nine-yard pass high in the air to his most inexperienced and inexpensive receiver. Brown leapt to make the catch and somehow got both feet in the back of the end zone, lifting the Ravens to a 29-26 win over the Minnesota Vikings. “I’m not thinking back there, ‘Who is in this position? Can I trust this guy?,’” Flacco said. “If I was thinking that — if that was going through my head — I’d have all the confidence in the world, and he’d be a guy that I’d pick out. He is a great football player. He has got a lot of things going for him, and he’s getting better and better each week.” via ESPN

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