® Pay per Head offshore services counts with the expertise of a group of gambling professionals who are 100% committed to provide a reliable, secure and sharp betting lines. This is one of our premium benefits to those bookmakers that have not decided where to migrate their players for the upcoming 2014-15 NFL season and are still looking for a pay per head provider.

The following are some testimonials on the experiences lived by other bookmakers who decided to join our online bookmaking services:

“After getting a lot of complaints from my players, I was forced to look for a per head service that was NOT down at least twice a day. I checked site and saw that they guarantee no downtime at all. My players can make bets and see their history online and I can do that to and all the information is protected. I feel my business is in the hands of professionals and don’t have to worry about losing people because of bad service anymore. I recommend because they have what it takes to keep my business moving. So far, so good.”

O.W. Shreveport, LA

“All my life I have been a sports betting fan and one day I decided to start my own thing. So I contacted several price per head services and started working with 2 different ones just to see how things went.

I have to be honest, at first I didn’t really understand what these guys were doing with my winnings. Every time when they would send the reconciliation of the previous week’s action I ended up having outstanding balances plus the fact that I had to split my winnings too.

I put up with it for a while and then it hit me I had to look for a different solution, and that’s when I got in touch with, they took the time to explain prices, percentages, and they even offered additional assistance on risk management. That helped me out a lot and now I distribute my time and energy much better and make a lot more money on a weekly basis from the house.

My betting business has become a success and it is now generating the kind or money I could only dream about a few months back.” Justin, New York

“I had no idea that keeping my players happy and entertained every day was so easy. Now with BettorsNet I have my own phone number and site and a team behind me taking care of my players. What a great deal for a very decent weekly fee. This price per head service works for me, so it can also work for you”.

Dan S. Austin, TX® Pay per Head services provides countless bookmaking services. Our bookmakers and their players will be able to bet on NFL, NBA, Tennis, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football & basketball, Golf, and much more.® Pay per Head offshore contact center solution offers the most extensive sport offering and sharp lines in the market.

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