One of the most common concerns bookmakers have is to find a professional, reliable risk management specialist that can help them be efficient, competitive and deliver good results when it comes to handling betting lines and their players’ daily betting activity.® Price per Head services offer different customized per head package options depending on your shop size. Your betting players are provided with outstanding online and telephone multilingual customer support available 24/7/365, as well as an extensive sports offering on major sports and events.

We at® Pay per Head includes as part of our extra benefits daily Poker tournaments 100% free and online casino action in secure betting environments while guaranteeing the best gaming experience.

Bookmakers and sports betting players enjoy great benefits at® Pay per Head and these are:

  • Risk player management

  • 2477 Virtual wagering

  • State of the art technology

  • 100% secure betting environments

  • Mobile betting platforms

  • Live in-game action

  • Wide horse betting selection

  • Online casino & poker action

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