Price per Head Survey Price per Head Survey® Pay Per Head we are committed to provide our sportsbook agents and their betting players with all betting and technology advantages to ensure the smoothness of their daily betting activities. We would very much appreciate if you could take some minutes of your time to fill out the following survey:

1.  What do you look for in a pay per head service?

2.  Does your per head service offer Live In Game Action to your players?

3.  What kind of Top Player services do you as an agent require in a PPH?

4.  As a sports betting agent what technology advantages do you consider top priority in a per head service?

5.  Have your players requested to be able to bet from their mobile devices? Does your per head service offer mobile platforms?

6.  What type of horse betting offering does your per head service offer?

7.  Do you consider the poker tournaments or virtual casino games a plus in a per head service to agents?

8.  What type of security standards do you look for in a online per head service?

9.  Do your players require multilingual customer and wagering support?

10. What kind of sports betting lines do you look for in a PPH online service?

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