For many per head agents, the same story happens every year. The Super Bowl is a joyously profitable event. Then, the wheels fall off the business. Bettors don’t gravitate to the NCAA Tournament, the NBA, or the NHL. They don’t even look to horse racing. Forget the online casino. Baseball? Who thinks about baseball when the NFL Draft is coming up?

If the story sounds familiar to you, 2018 is the year to do something about it. There’s a way to interest football bettors into making baseball wagers. Check out how best to do that.

How Can Bookie Agents Interest Bettors in MLB?

Betting on baseball games is much different than betting on football games. While football betting centers on the spread, baseball betting centers on the money line. There’s also what’s called the baseball betting run line. The best way to get football bettors interested into betting on baseball is to promote money line baseball betting. Most football bettors aren’t familiar with the concept of run line betting.

3 Ways to Promote MLB Money Line Betting

  1. Concentrate on pitcher records the season before

When sports bettors place a money line bet, they primarily do so on pitcher match ups. That’s why bettors can take the bet off if the listed pitchers do not start. Pitcher match ups, more than anything else, determines daily baseball money line winners.

A good way for online bookie agents to promote baseball betting is to release the previous season’s pitcher information. Check out a couple of examples:

The Dodgers best pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, went 18 and 4 last season. Kershaw was favored in all his starts. What the 18 and 4 record means is that 18 times Kershaw was a good money line play. 4 times he wasn’t. If bettors bet against Kershaw and just hit one of the 4 times he lost, they could have made massive profit. They wouldn’t make massive profit betting Kershaw on the 18 wins. Still, they’d make profit.

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander went 15 and 8 last season. All his losses occurred when he played with the Detroit Tigers. That’s 15 money line wins and 8 money line losses if someone bet on Verlander. Like Kershaw, Verlander was favored in most of the games in which he played.

  1. Lots of MLB betting opportunities

Every team in MLB plays a 162-game regular season. When a baseball team takes the day off, it’s a big deal because it doesn’t often happen. Bettors mustn’t wait until Saturday and Sunday to bet baseball.  They can get action on a baseball game every day.

  1. MLB futures are easier to figure

Who really thought the Philadelphia Eagles, at 40 to 1 before the 2017 NFL Season started, would win Super Bowl 52? Pay per head agents should let bettors know that baseball is a more obvious sport. Because the World Series is a 7-game series, you can’t just bet the best team on that day. You must bet the best team on that day at least 4 times in the World Series.

Three MLB teams are at +550 to win the 2018 World Series:  the L.A. Dodgers, the New York Yankees, and the Chicago Cubs. Houston is at less than +1000. So, are the Washington Nationals. We should all be surprised if the Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, Houston Astros, or Nationals don’t win the 2018 World Series.

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