One of the many tools offered by the pay per head company is the hold percentage tool. What’s interesting about the hold percentage tool is that most agents don’t use it often. One of the reasons may be because agents don’t know exactly how to use the hold percentage tool.

Keep reading to find out why the hold percentage tool is a powerful instrument to help agents manage their businesses.

Hold Percentage Allows Agents to Run Two Data Subsets

The hold percentage tool provides a breakdown by sport, league, period, or bet type of activity. The activity can either be from a sub-agent or a player. The real key to using the hold percentage tool is running data subsets. The true power of the tool comes when agents run two data subsets at a time and compares those subsets.

Run Data Subsets Comparing Sub-Agents

There are several reasons you might want to run two data subsets simultaneously. One of the reasons is to compare sub-agents. What master agents must realize is that sub-agents are employees. Whatever deal the master agent and subagents agreed to are only as powerful as the subagents holding up their end of the bargain.

Keeping track of sub-agent performance by comparing sub-agents is a great way to use the hold percentage tool. An employee’s performance in every industry must be tracked. As the master agent, responsibility falls on your shoulders. Being able to help subagents perform better helps your bottom line.

Run Data Subsets Comparing Players

There are several reasons an agent might want to run two data subsets for a couple of players. Comparing players is a great way to determine who prefers to wager on what.

If, as an example, you find that one player has bet exclusively on football games this season, you might want to consider marketing methods to raise interest in basketball betting and baseball betting. If you see that another player wagers on every game in every sport (or tries to!), you may want to set up a settle alert tool for that player.

A good method is to take your most active player, pro or casual, and compare your other players to that player. Soon, you should see trends for the players that you compare your most active player to. You can use those trends to set marketing plans that increase action.

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