Not only is Super Bowl 52 the biggest wagering event of 2018, it could also be the day when online bookie agents make their most profit. One way to ensure profit is to promote a cross sports Super Bowl Parlay. Below, check out why you should promote a cross sports Super Bowl Parlay.

Super Bowl 52 is the Only Football Game that Day

This is the obvious answer. On Feb. 4, Super Bowl 52 is the only game in town. No other football games will be played. Sports bettors can’t parlay a money line bet on Super Bowl 52 with an against the spread bet on Super Bowl 52. What it means is that the only parlay players can make specific to the Super Bowl is over/under the total and against the spread, or the money line with the total.

For Super Bowl 52, most sports bettors are going to put in a parlay over/under the total and against the spread. Just looking at it, the problem is obvious. 2 team parlays pay 2 to 1. Really? That’s the only parlay action sports bettors want on Super Bowl 52?

Of course, not! That’s why per head agents should promote a cross sports parlay that involves Super Bowl 52 as well at least 1 NBA game, 1 NHL game, and 1 NCAAB game.

Cross Sports Parlays Are Hard to Hit

The reason to promote cross sports parlays is because cross sports parlays are difficult to hit. It’s hard to pick a single winner against the spread, or even on the money line, for a single sport. Even sports bettors that become experts betting a specific sport can fall apart when it comes to hitting parlays.

It’s even more difficult finding winners in something like a 4-team parlay. The key for the bookmaker is to find 3-games outside of the Super Bowl that require an inordinate amount of handicapping.

Bookies Can Offer the Appearance of Overlay Odds

The best way to promote any cross sports parlay is to offer the appearance of overlay odds. For example, if you wish to promote a 4-Team cross sports parlay, ensure that you offer odds of at least 12 to 1 since a 4-team parlay usually pays 11 to 1. The true odds on a cross promoted 4-team parlay, just because you’ve handpicked the games, is probably closer to 20 to 1, maybe, even 30 to 1 if you’ve chosen the hardest to handicap games.

Make sure to use NBA and NCAAB games on Feb. 3, a day before Super Bowl 52. This forces players to speed up their handicapping. Also, they must input their Super Bowl 52 parlay pick a day before the game kicks off. That’s to your advantage as the per head agent.

On Saturday, Feb. 3, the NBA has 9 games. I counted over 40 college basketball games that should offer betting spreads on Feb. 3. There are 13 NHL games on Feb. 3. There are plenty of possible games that online bookie agents can include in their Super Bowl 52 Cross Sports Parlays.

Make sure to add a half a point on all whole number spreads for any games you put into your Super Bowl cross sports parlay. Either that or say that a player must hit all 4 (or 5, or 6) games to cash.

FYI – you can only add half a point via the Bettors Net line mover. The line mover is available through Bettors Net’s Premium Plan. Call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 for more details.