The gambling industry continues to grow at a very fast pace and many changes have taken place over the past years and as sports betting continues to grow it becomes difficult for bookmakers to find a professional and cost-effective pay per head solution to migrate their players to.

There are many online pay per head choices, but it is very important to make sure your sports betting players will receive quality contact center services in highly secure environments where the bookmakers´ and the players´data is safe at all times.

For this reason, at® Pay per Head online solution we guarantee the highest security standards when hosting our bookmakers´websites. Our technical support staff provides a wide variety of website sports skins bookmakers can choose from plus a unique toll free line to cater your players over the telephone on a 24/7/365 practice.

Our strong and secure connectivity allows us to provide the most reliable website hosting, ensuring no download delays, no data loss, variety of domain names for your website and the most secure mobile betting platforms which allow full access to sports betting accounts at any time of the day and from any mobile device.® offices are located in Costa Rica one the best places for BPO services in the world.® Pay per Head services counts with highly skilled man power, top-notch technological advantages, high quality business platforms, banking centers and a peaceful environment.

Additionally,® Pay per Head online solution offers one of the best dual bookie software platforms (ASI + DGS), a true winning combination. These two highly professional bookmaking platforms allow our bookmakers to have a wider range of reports like: daily figures, weekly figures, players´profiles, line moving, account reconciliations, suspicious betting activities, game scores, and much more.® bookmakers and their sports betting players have access to the best of both platforms at no extra cost. Our aim is to help the bookmakers grow a reputable online betting business and be able to acquire more players by providing the best online contact center solution.

Join our bookmaking service today, make the right choice for your players and they will receive a great deal of benefits like: Live in-game action, solid connectivity, wide selection of sports leagues, sharp lines, risk management services, online casino and poker tournaments.

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