There are many aspects bookmakers look for when they are thinking of hiring the services of a bookmaking contact center solution. Besides having a strong guarantee that their players will have full access to their betting accounts and to professional customer support, bookmakers also require different technology tools to make their daily tasks easier to handle.

Nowadays, it is very important to offer online players strong connectivity, ongoing mobile access and an user-friendly betting software so they have a pleasant and secure online betting experience.

At® Pay per Head online solution we make sure to provide top-notch technology advantages, secured betting environments and dual bookie software options like: DGS pay per head software and ASI pay per head software to ensure our bookmakers with a wider range of reporting options from these two software platforms.

For example;® bookmakers have access to different online features that provide addtional information on balances, accounts, players´profiles, betting history, and much more:

  • Weekly figures
  • Agents Positions
  • DGS Instant Action
  • Player management
  • Hold reports
  • Player summary

These two bookie software platforms offer different types of reports to better monitor the players´daily betting action, prevents fraudulent bets, cross check on similar account activities and duplicate accounts.

Here is a quick video on the hold report feature DGS provides click here

And on how the ASI player summary tool works click here

At® pay per head services we work very hard and spend a lot of financial resources in providing the best bookmaking tools to make it easier, faster and cost-effective for our bookmakers to acquire our services and grow their betting businesses within just a few days. Be sure to get in touch with us today to get your account set up within minutes.

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