® Pay per Head services is one of the industry pioneers with a consolidated group of gaming experts that are available to assist our bookmakers on a 24/7/365 basis.

There are many great benefits online bookmakers will find at® Pay per Head solution for example; our highly skilled multilingual customer and wagering support staff available around the clock via email, chat or telephone to assist players and bookmakers in different languages like: English, Spanish and Asian (Chinese).

Our call center facilities are located in San José, Costa Rica and we work very hard to provide the best services no matter if the bookmakers have 10 or 100 players. There is no doubt,® Pay per Head many years of gaming experience, our group of skilled managers, technology and security advantages are a solid guarantee a bookmaking business will grow in revenue and in active players within just days.

Many bookmakers look for a reliable, professional and cost-effective pay per head solution for the upcoming 2015 NFL playoffs and we at® Pay per Head ensure the best sharpest betting lines, highly secure betting environment, live in-game action and mobile betting on NFL, Playoffs and the 2015 Super Bowl.

Our Bookmakers are able to connect at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and check their daily, weekly and monthly reports, review lines, updates, change players´profiles, and more.

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