The sports betting industry has grown in different areas and nowadays betting players count with online features to place their bets via their mobile devices. So a player or a bookmaker can easily access his betting account from any location and at any time in highly secure environments to ensure a hassle-free experience.

At® Pay per Head we offer our bookmakers and their players one of the most complete online bookmaking solutions in the industry.

Our highly qualified technical support staff´s work is very detailed and professional and they are available 24/7/365 to ensure all betting transactions take place without delays, data loss and complete confidentiality.

We provide the most secure and robust mobile betting platform so our bookmakers have full access to their online tools like: daily and weekly figure reports, account reconciliations, players´profiles, account balances, pending bets, scores, and other type of data they might require.

On the players´end, they will have ongoing access to bet on all sporting events before the game begins and while the game is on — in-game live betting feature which is also available through our mobile betting platform.® mobile betting is one of our best features which truly engages players in a more continuous activity with the bookmaker offer on sports and other type of entertainment like online casino games and horse racing.

Besides being able to bet online from a computer, players and bookmakers have access to their accounts directly from the smart phones, tablets, and laptops. At® Pay per Head we guarantee top security and 100% confidentiality at all times.® Pay per Head offshore contact center facilities are located in Costa Rica, a great place for business outsourcing especially in the betting industry. Our bookmakers can rest assure they will acquire top services from the first moment they join our pay per head solution.® Pay per Head wagering specialists will provide a professional and extremely dedicated risk player management service to all bookmakers who seek new ways to acquire more players, reactivate those who have been inactivate for some time and also implement new ways to market your betting shop.

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