Multilingual customer support

Multilingual customer support

Growing your per head business is no easy task, there are many aspects to take into account but one of the most important ones is to provide your players with the best customer support.® Pay per Head solution is your gambling support in all areas of your betting business. Bookmakers need a competitive advantage over their competitors and at® we take good care of your players and assist them 24/7/365.

At® Price per Head we understand the daily demands of our bookmakers and their players and we make sure to provide highly trained, well-educated and multilingual customer support in English, Spanish and Asian languages.

We make sure our staff is constantly training and updating their knowledge based on their day a day experiences with customers. At® Pay per Head we take very seriously our commitment to ensure the best betting experience at all times.

Our sharp lines and top players services are highlights on our extensive list of benefits. We strive every day to make your business more interesting to the sport fanatics that way they will want to be part of your online betting shop.

Sports betting players can bet live on many different sports like: NFL, NCAA football, NBA, NCAA basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, MMA, NASCAR, horse races and much more. At® Pay per Head our group of gambling experts work 24/7/365 to provide the best betting action and the sharpest lines in the industry.

We guarantee all betting players and online bookmakers can place bets, check reports, get in touch with our customer support center, review daily events, check lines, game schedules and account balances at any time of the day.® Pay per Head provider opens a new door of opportunities to online bookmakers who are looking to improve their current services. More details on how an offshore per head solution works can be found at:

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