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BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head wagering specialists will provide a professional and extremely dedicated risk player management service to all bookmakers who seek new ways to acquire more players.

Our bookmakers are provided with the sharpest betting odds on all sports, including NFL, College football, Playoffs and Super Bowl. Our group of gambling experts is backed up by years of experience so their knowledge guarantees high quality in all the bookmaking services and benefits we provide to our bookmakers and their betting players.

BettorsNet.com® experts work around the clock to provide the best services no matter if the bookmaker player package is of 10 or 100 customers. Our Costa Rica contact center are fully staffed and provide many technology advantages plus a cloud based software as a service SAAS complemented with an out-and- out featured data.

It is very important to keep in mind that our online tools are 100% personalized depending on what the bookmaker looks for to grow his betting business.

Nowadays, most players want to bet, deposit, check balances, and review betting lines online from the comfort of their homes or their working places. For this reason, we have implemented highly secure mobile betting platforms so our customers can have full account access directly from any mobile device like: smart phones, laptops, tablets, or just desktops.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head package options and prices are very convenient, our bookmakers have three choises: Essential, Elite and Unlimited. The following is a direct link to a list of main differences bookmakers will find, depending on the type of players they manage.

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