Boxing Betting Odds

Boxing Betting Odds

One of the most talked about fights in the history of Boxing will be taking place next May 2nd, 2015. Both fighters have a strong background and are considered the very best of the boxing world. Here is a quick view at their professional life information:

  MAYWEATHER                                                    VS.                                        PACQUIAO

47–0 (26 KO)W-L(KO)57–5–2 (38 KO)

source: cbssports

As the fight gets closer and closer, there have been rumors and amid stories of calf cramps and stiffness, tales of an $1,800 bottle of anti-inflammatory cream, and rumors of Manny Pacquiao’s deteriorating physical state as he continues to prep for the fight of his life against Floyd Mayweather, Freddie Roach — Pacquiao’s trainer — wants to make something abundantly clear.

The rumors of Pacquiao’s demise began at the end of last month, when Roach revealed that Pacquiao was dealing with the ongoing issue of leg cramps. Because of the cramps, Pacquiao began to use an anti-inflammatory cream that costs $1,800 per bottle. Additionally, his hill runs at Griffith Park were halted and replaced with training sessions at UCLA’s track.

On the other hand, Mayweather posted a video on Instagram that showed him working out in a swimming pool. In the video, the fighter threw a few punches in the water before swimming freestyle down the length of the pool, but Freddie Roach isn’t buying into the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. new training method. Instead, Roach finds it amusing.

Additionally, for those interested in betting on this fight there was slight movement this week on the betting lines of the May 2 super-fight and these stand at:

Floyd Mayweather Jr.  -285

Manny Pacquiao  +225

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