So you’re looking for a Pay Per Head provider and like any other line of business, you’re looking for as much quality as you can find for as low a price as you can manage to pay. That’s fair enough, but in this business in particular, what are you really looking for? What is more important to you, quality or price? It’s worth noting that when you’re looking for someone to be the “face” of your business, someone who will handle your clients in such a way that will keep them coming back to you again and again, it might be worth going for the quality aspect of things rather doing it on the cheap.

You want to know that the people that you’re paying to represent your brand when your clients call actually care about your brand. You don’t want the person that’s on the phone to your valued client to be some minimum-wage call center jockey who could care less about providing the best service that they can. The only way that you can ensure that this doesn’t happen is by choosing your pay per head provider with the greatest care and yes, by acknowledging that by being prepared to pay more for quality and for the certainty that your provider actually has your best interests and the best interests of your business at heart.

So what does “quality” actually mean when looking for a per head provider? What’s the “special sauce” needed that differentiates between levels of service and care provided? Like anything else, it all comes down to how much your provider cares about your business. Does the provider that you’re looking at offer you options especially suited to YOUR bookmaking business or does it offer you a one-size-fits-all “solution” with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude? How is the customer service? Do they speak your language (not literally – although that obviously helps! – but do they understand your specific business and your specific clients?)? How much exactly do they care about you and your success? It’s more likely that a quality price per head provider who offers a tailor made solution that fits your specific business like a good suit and who backs that solution up with solid customer service 24/7-365 is going to cost more money on the front end than a PPH provider who doesn’t do that. But in return for paying more for a quality provider, in the long term, the intelligent bookie will have the peace of mind in knowing that his clients are being treated like gold dust. Clients who are treated well tend to come back and refer others. Clients who are treated indifferently or worse tend to not come back and tell others not to either.

In the end, bad news travels faster than good news. A dissatisfied client that has not has a great experience at the hands of a cheap, indifferent pay per head provider is going to spread the word that YOU are indifferent. It’s YOUR rep on the line. For the sake of your reputation alone, surely it’s worth not cutting corners when making such an important decision for your business.

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