MLB Season starts on Sunday, April 2. For some online bookie agents, the start of the MLB Season ushers in the beginning of great months of betting action. For other agents, the start of the MLB Season ushers in a dead time.

This blog is for those agents, those who feel that MLB represents nothing more than a dead time. Before writing off the MLB Season, pay per head agents should read the rest of this blog.

Who are Your Pro Baseball Bettors?

You may not service any pro baseball bettors. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t check the player activity report to find out. The player activity report that the per head company offers displays a breakdown of player activity.

Check all your pro players for baseball action from last season. Who knows?  You might find that your pro players don’t wager on MLB. Or, you might find out that your pro players only wager when a specific pitcher heads to the mound.

I know one agent who has a pro player that only bets when Seattle’s Felix Hernandez steps to the mound. Sometimes, the player bets against Hernandez. Sometimes, the player bets on Hernandez.

Who are Your Casual Baseball Bettors?

You should make two different lists for your casual baseball bettors. The first list should be made up of casual bettors that bet on baseball last year. You can further categorize your casual players into those that bet on both AL and NL baseball games.

You might have a casual player who, like a pro player or two, keys on a single pitcher or even a pitching staff. The Cubs’ staff is loaded with top starting pitchers. Some casual bettors may have placed something simple like $25 every time a Cubs starter hit the mound last season. You’ll want information like that for MLB marketing purposes.

If you service no casual bettors that wager on baseball, don’t just write off the entire MLB Season. Casual bettors don’t wager a lot of money on a single sporting event. But, they do wager on many sporting events.

Once baseball becomes the only game in town, after the NBA Championship, you could surprise yourself by successfully converting football and basketball bettors into baseball bettors. Sports fans are sports fans. Casual bettors are always sports fans first.

The 2017 MLB Season is just around the corner. Pay Per head agents should prepare for the upcoming season this week by signing up and getting half off the premium package. The phone number is 888-978-0688.