You probably already recognize email as a fantastic marketing tool in general, if only because of all the email offers your probably get from traditional businesses and retailers. Email is a convenient way to remind your customers (or would-be customers) that you have a unique service to offer and a human connection to go with it. If you’re starting out as a bookie and are interested in growing your customer base, you may want to consider using these emailing tactics to get ahead.

Timing is Everything

There’s something exhilirating about watching a good game with friends. And thankfully, everyone receives their emails immediately via smart phones. to Take advantage of the excitement your gamblers are feeling in the heat of the moment by shooting them an email during a sporting event reminding them of the ability for live in-game betting and the ability to place bets via their mobile device. Not only will the thrill of the game help boost the quantity of bets from your existing bettors, but odds are pretty good that they’ll be watching with friends or family who will want to get in on the action too … You’re creating a natural situation to gain a new referall.

Make Your Subject Line Count

It’s the first thing they’ll see, so make it eye-catching. It doesn’t necessarily have to be witty or funny, it just has to convey what you the most important part of what you want them to know. Say you’re slashing your fee for a big race coming up … Lead with that so they immediately know why they should be interested in what your email has to say. If you’re sending an email during the game, it may be helpful to reference something specific that happened so that it seems more organic.

Keep it Simple

Keep it short, keep it simple and keep it as fun as possible. Tell them how and how much they can win when they bet with you.

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