Since the tragedy that Katrina left behind in Louisiana in 2005, the city of New Orleans has not been a Super Bowl city host until this year.  2013 will be New Orleans’ 10th time as a Super Bowl host.  Louisiana lawmakers approved expenses for approximately $85 million in upgrades for the Superdome.  Some of these upgrades include new seating areas, wider concourses and new suits to mention a few of them.

On the other hand, the news about the performers for this Super Bowl’s half time show spread quickly. Beyonce will perform along with Destiny’s child and Jay-Z in the half time show this year and it will be carried by CBS and sponsored by Pepsi.

The other great attraction that is greatly expected is the commercials aired during the Super Bowl each year.  For this 2013 Super Bowl, companies like Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, Doritos, Bud Light and are some of the ones that will be airing their brilliant ads.  So people are already talking about them and looking forward to seeing them.

Finally, the NFC and the AFC Championships are all set.  There are only four teams left in the Super Bowl competition for this year.  Next Sunday, January 20th, the Falcons will play against the 49ers in the NFC title game and the New England will face Baltimore for the right to advance from the AFC.

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