When joining an online pay per head solution there are many advantages bookmakers receive on a daily basis; some of these benefits consist on being able to provide their players with ongoing access with sharp betting lines and the most extensive offering in sports and all major events on 80+ leagues.

As a pay per head service provider our goal aim is to guarantee a fast and user-friendly betting environment for the players, and at the same time work together with the bookmakers to cover their betting requests like: full access to real-time reporting, marketing advice, sharp betting lines, risk management advice, and top security levels at all times.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head is one of the industry pioneers with more than two decades of gaming background and a group of experts in line moving, business development and top-notch technology advantages. We ensure our security levels on every transaction whether it is a bookmaker or a player; reviewing lines, making deposits, accessing reports, or placing wagers.

We fully guarantee all transactions happen following a number of security procedures to ensure 100% transparency and legitimacy. Our fully equipped technical infrastructure is prepared to deliver the best-fit Host Solution to our sports betting bookmakers’ websites; ensuring no download delays, development environments, domain names, data storage and customized dedicated server configurations.

Additionally, BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head online solution offers one of the best dual bookie software platforms (ASI + DGS), a true winning combination for our bookmakers and their sports betting players at no extra cost.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offer the most complete bookmaking solution while ensuring full access to top-notch user-friendly online tools to make our bookmakers´daily work effortless and accurate, while at the same time ensuring their data´ safety and confidentially on every transaction. Be sure to get in touch with us today to set up your pay per head account.

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