When you start your own bookie business, one of your biggest concerns should be how to get new bettors. This is obviously essential to any thriving business. You might have some good regulars who bet with you, but in order to grow you need new people investing money all the time in your sports betting enterprise. Other than word of mouth and friendly referrals, how should bookies promote their business?

Here are the top five that you should start using immediately to see results in the quantity of clients you have in your business:

Have a Killer Website

Not only do your bettors expect online and mobile resources for them to place their wagers, but the web is become an increasingly important tool to convert leads to paying customers. Luckily, setting up this piece of your business has never been easier. When you partner with BettorsNet, you’ll receive your own website (as well as a toll-free 800-number) to make sure that your customers are always taken care of. Even better: The latest and most sophisticated technologies guarantee mobile players to be protected by a 128-bit encryption. Your business demands it. BettorsNet provides it.

Utilize Social Media

Marketing through social media is a fact of life nowadays for most businesses. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other online outlet you can think of to grow your business by connecting with sports fans and gamblers. Most of the platforms are free, which is a bonus.

Head Out to Network

Don’t hole up at home all the time. Getting out to local bars, clubs and sporting events can help you make friends to get connections that will become your clients. If you’re able to, get a membership to a local golf club. It’s a well-known fact within the industry that golfers tend to be gamblers.

Learn from Others

Know any other bookies? Learn from them. Pick their brain over a few drinks or treat them to a nice meal to discover all the ways they run their business. Don’t have those connections yet? Follow the Pay Per Head Blog to remain up-to-date on industry trends and to pick up some pointers to increase your sportsbook business. With posts like Your Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Bookie and information on monthly promotions, it’s an invaluable resource.

Get Referrals

Getting referrals works very well. Try to start out with trusted people or friends that can be your clients, then your word of mouth will get rolling and you can expand your business to those newer people. Just make sure to take care of the customers you have (for example, always have the cash ready to pay them out quickly if they win big). Then keep those referrals coming; Offer incentives to your customers to send you more referrals.

Then make sure you’re ready to keep up with all of those new bettors. Sign-up today for a free trial of the industry’s top PPH software and prepare to see your bookie business take off.