WEEK 10 Steelers 2014

WEEK 10 Steelers 2014

source: NFL

Sunday´s NFL football action will deliver great action starting at 1pm EST as seven top games will begin in different cities in the United States. At the Mercedes Superdome the New Orleans Saints will be hosting the game versus the San Francisco Giants.

The rivalry between the Saints and the Niners has been rekindled after the past few meetings for this reason, the game´s most current betting as per BettorsNet.com® offshore bookmaking solution have changed constantly and now stand at:

SF Giants   +6  49o

New Orleans Saints   -6  49u

The New Orleans Saints will look to improve to 5-4 when they take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon  and will be looking to stretch their win streak to three games and post a winning mark for the first time in 2014. After starting the season 2-4, New Orleans moved into first place in the NFC South with the win over the Panthers. A win on Sunday, would continue to build their lead on Carolina Panthers.

Here is a quick video on New Orleans next games



source: NFL

Furthermore, the Steelers arrive at MetLife Stadium with one of the best regular season records as the team has recovered enormously and now stand at 6 -3. On the other hand, if the Jets lose Sunday afternoon’s home game to the Steelers, they will have dropped nine straight games in a single season for the first time ever. Their longest overall losing streak will remain 12, from 1995-96. But if the Jets fall to the Steelers and slip to 1-9, equaling or surpassing the 12-game skid could be a possibility. source: bleachreport.com

The current betting odds favorite the visitors, check below:

Pittsburgh Steelers    -4.5   46.5o

N.Y. Jets     +4.5   46.5 u

Make sure to review the following videos on the Steelers and Jets most current football action

Here is another Steelers and Jets football action video

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