The NBA countdown has started and after so much ongoing hoops action, tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami it´s very likely there will be an Eastern Conference winner, if the Heat is not able to pull a victory.

As both teams head for Game 7, the pressure is on defending champion Miami Heat. This is a one-way road after the Pacer´s latest win over Miami in their last game tying the Series 3-3.

After a total dominance on the Pacers´end during the last game, Miami will need to shape up, review their game strategies and maximize their abilities as a team. Players like: Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be required to perform their best and literally turn back time to their favorite as their options continue to narrow down.

Tonight´s Eastern Conference game is about winning no matter if you are cheering for the Pacers or the Heat. The latest basketball betting lines available to those sports enthusiasts are as follow:

IND PACERS +7-107  o180-107

MIA HEAT -7-107 u180-107

The Western Conference winners San Antonio Spurs await for the Eastern Conference champions. Regardless, whether it is Miami or Indiana the NBA finals betting action will be one to remember; especially taking into account for next June 6th it would have been 10 full days since San Antonio played for the last time.

In a quick review, if the Spurs were to face the Pacers the match will be a tough one. Indiana as a worthy opponent with one of the best defenses in the NBA has pretty good chances to manage a victory over the Spurs, while San Antonio´s quick passes around and the best ball-spreading are their strongest points.

If San Antonio Spurs would match up Miami Heat, they need to consider Miami´s big guys: Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen who are excellent defenders and produce fast-break dunks. San Antonio would need to create a new tactic plan to take the trophy home and as many believe, this will be a great match up to finish a great NBA season.® Price per Head offshore per head solution we offer the most extensive sporting offering in the industry. Besides our many technology advantages, management expertise, secure betting environments and multilingual customer support staff. We also provide the most professional top players services. Feel free to get in touch with us today for more details on how to get started.

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