The title of this blog is Get Advanced Sportsbook Software for $3 Per Head. Many online bookie agents who read the title of this blog might believe that they don’t need advanced sportsbook software. What’s the point? Let me destroy the myth that advanced bookie software isn’t needed first before getting into why it’s essential.

Advanced Bookie Sportsbook Software

We all know what we get with basic bookie agent sportsbook software. There’s nothing special about it right? The software allows an agent’s clients to make wagers on all sorts of sports. The agent’s clients make those wagers. The agent keeps track of wagers made. The agent pays out winning wagers. Or, the agent collects on losing wagers.

Easy, right? Not really. The reason why it’s never easy is due to competition. Per head companies like Bettors Net spend energy and time providing their customers the most up to date tools and features.

Why do online bookie agents need these up to date tools and features? They must get an edge on their competition. Just like sports teams that sign the best free agent pitcher, free agent quarterback, or trade up in something like the NFL Draft, pay per head agents must always not only think about growth, they must always also think about retention.

That’s what CEOs do in Fortune 500 companies. Bookmakers are CEOs of their own sportsbooks.

Bettors Net’s $3 Pay Per Head Premium Plan Deal

During August, Bettors Net is offering their per head premium plan deal for only $3 per head. The deal allows agents to utilize the following tools:

Live betting management and reports – Live betting during football season is huge. During the weekdays, college football games are all over ESPN. They’re also promoted to no end. The NFL has a game on Monday and Thursday during the week before showcasing their teams all day Sunday and into Sunday night.

That’s a lot of opportunity for live betting action. The more reports and management tools a per head agent can acquire the better.

TV listings – Promoting specific games based on TV listings is a proven way to acquire action before and during games.

Injury information – Some teams in the NFL, New England is one, are notorious for releasing bad injury information. Injury information helps per head agents decide when to set schedule limit overrides, when to utilize their layoff accounts, or when to take a game off the board.

What Agents Must Do for the $3 Per Head Deal

Online bookie agents must do a couple of things for the $3 per head premium package deal. First, agents must call in. The number to Bettors Net is 888-978-0688. Second, agents must deposit $100. That’s it. There’s nothing else to it. Call 888-978-0688, deposit $100, and you’re good to go!