Once the Warriors madly celebrated a dramatic last-second win against Miami last week, their saying is: moving on to the next basketball game and behave as you’ve done this before. Jarrett Jack’s “We believe” that became popular during 2007 playoffs has switched to “We belong” during this year’s playoffs and no one believes that the Warriors shouldn’t belong right now.

The Golden State Warriors have won 8 of their last 10 basketball games. Besides they have been triumphant in 15 of their 22 games to start this season. This outstanding start has many people in the basketball arena taking notice. This is happening thanks to their owner Joe Lacob who has patiently made significant changes after taking over the once-proud franchise a couple of years ago.

Rookie Draymond Green mentioned that Golden State is establishing more momentum for sure and all tem players want to keep that going. He said that even though it’s a long season that can quickly change; they are dedicated to getting better and better.

Lacob, on the other hand, commented that the Warriors are now relevant and perhaps they actually belong but that will be lastly determined until the end of the year. For now, according to Lacob the team will continue working on our shared goal of winning by grinding out every individual possession there is.

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Source: NBA News