The sports betting industry gets a bad rap. One of the biggest fallacies is that pay per head agents are out to get players. For some reason, the industry is still thought of as a back channel, disreputable one, where if players don’t pay up on time, Bruno’s coming to break their legs.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, great customer is directly tied to the profit that per head agents make. Keep reading to discover why.

Per Head Agents Run a Service Business

The per head industry is in the service business. As an agent, you provide services to your clients. The service you provide allows clients to wager on sporting events, horse races, and to play in the online casino.

The success of any service business relies on great customer service. If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you went to dinner. Do you not tip waiters more depending on the service they provide you? You absolutely do!

It’s imperative that all online bookie agents understand the nature of their business. You provide online betting services to individuals who wish to play sports’ wagers, horse, and casino wagers. That’s your business.

Customer Service can be a Differentiator in the Pay Per Head Business

You should always be looking for differentiators. The reason is because the online bookmaking industry, the sports betting industry in general, is rife with competition. Not only must you contend with other pay per head agents, but you must also contend with professional online sportsbooks.

A differentiator for you could be personal customer service. It’s important that you treat pro players and casual players with respect. Always remember that although pro players can affect your sportsbook more on a single player to player basis, you’re likely to provide wagering services to many more casual players than you do to pro players.

Here are a few steps to ensure you’re providing the best customer service that you can:

  1. Create settle alerts – Settle alerts create a pre-settle. A pre-settle alerts agents when you must collect or pay a player before the actual settle limit is reached. Ensuring that players don’t get in too deep with you, where they owe you too much money, is providing excellent customer service.
  2. Send targeted emails and text messages – Check player activity reports to discover plyer habits and tendencies. Then, when a situation arises, send a personal email, or targeted message to that player.
  3. Ask for your customers’ opinions – Are you providing great customer service? Is there something that your customer would like to see? Perhaps, a player wants to spend some money in the online casino. Ask!
  4. Pick up the phone – When your phone rings, pick it up. Don’t be afraid to talk to your customers. Also, answer text messages as quickly as you can.

Competition is stiff. It’s important that online bookie agents provide the best customer service they can to ensure that they remain competitive in the bookmaking industry.

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