Monday Night Football 2013

Monday Night Football 2013

Time runs really fast and the NFL 2013 Season is already halfway through. Week 10 will be over this evening with the Dolphins versus Buccaneers clash at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

During this past week we had the opportunity to enjoy great football and betting action starting with the victory Minnesota Vikings managed over the Washington Redskins (27 – 34). Here is a quick video with the game highlights.

On the other hand, a big surprise for all NFL fans was the Cowboys loss to the Saints on Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans (17 – 49). Overall, the Saints have a NFL record of 40 firsts downs and a franchise-record of 625 total yards.

There is no doubt this was a terrible loss for Dallas that did not manage to score until Romo´s 21-yard touchdown pass to Williams in the very last minute of the 3rd quarter.

In addition, other very interesting games with lots of action were: Oakland Raiders and New York Giants (20-24), Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans (29 – 27), Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers (27-13) and Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens (17 – 20).

For those betting fans interesting in tonight´s game here are the favorite and underdogs betting lines:

MIA Dolphins   -1½-110  o41-110

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