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Mobile access represents a great benefit to our bookmakers as they can have full access to their online accounts and information like: daily and weekly figure reports, account reconciliations, players´profiles, account balances, pending bets, scores, and other type of data they require.

Nowadays, all sports betting players want to bet, deposit, check balances, and review betting lines online from the comfort of their homes or their working places. For this reason, we have implemented a highly secure mobile betting platform so our customers can have full account access on a 24/7/365 schedule.

Our technical group of experts works around the clock to constantly monitor and improve all safety procedures while fortifying the confidentiality of our bookmakers and their players as well as the correct accessibility via our mobile betting platforms.® Pay per Head package options and prices are very convenient, our bookmakers have three choises: Essential, Elite and Unlimited. This is a quick link to the list of our pay per head packages:

There are many reasons why bookmakers should select® as their pay per head #1 choice. Ours is the most complete, secure and professional bookmaking solution, we guarantee going access to top-notch technology tools to make our bookmakers´work easy, fast and highly secure.

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