At® Pay per Head we understand how important it is to be able to have your own bookmaking customized website so that your players can have a secure online betting environment, where they feel 100% comfortable providing information or sending money to their betting accounts.® Pay per Head also provides to host your personalized site our bookmakers are able to select a sport scheme designed just for their needs  and we will take care of hosting it in highly secure cloud environments.

Day after day we learn about new technology advances, new software and other enhanced ways to connect with our bookmakers and their players in a faster and more effective way. Due to all these continuous changes at® Pay per Head we aim to provide top-notch technology 24/7/365.

Besides providing solid and secure connectivity for both, the  players and the online bookmakers our top-class technical infrastructure located in Costa Rica, is one of the best in the betting industry and our technical support experts are highly specialized to advice our bookmakers in all areas.

Our pay per head solution is equipped with top-notch technical infrastructure to ensure only the fastest hosting betting solution to our bookmakers while guaranteeing no download delays, dedicated server configurations, variety of domain names, data storage and much more.

Additionally, at® Pay per Head  we also offer the following bookmaking advantages:

  • Solid and secure connectivity
  • No download time
  • Top quality betting software
  • Customized websites
  • Mobile betting platforms
  • 800 phone lines
  • Data protection
  • Enhanced betting activities

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