Nowadays, online bookmakers are looking to expand their sports betting businesses as more and more players tend to bet online. It has become a necessity to migrate and offer these services in reliable and real time online environments.

Our® Pay per Head group gambling experts offer to design and host our bookmakers’ websites while providing highly secure environments, the best technology and well-trained technical support staff available 24/7/365.

There are many others pay per head services out there, but at® Pay per Head we pride ourselves to be the the industry pioneers with a main goal to provide the best quality services. Our solution is the most convenient pay per head choice and we guarantee our bookmakers online success within just a few days of joining our service.

Your sports betting players will have full access to bet at any time of the day and from any location regardless of the sport event they want to bet on. In addition, they will be able to access their betting accounts, check out scores, review daily transactions and request customer support.® Pay per Head also offers our bookmakers and their players a great deal of benefits such as:

  • Widest horse betting selection

  • Sharpest lines managed by a team of professionals

  • Live in-game betting action

  • Mobile betting platform

  • Risk management professionals

  • Package prices starting at low prices

  • Broadest sports offerings

  • Multilingual sports and horse racing clerks

  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas® Pay per Head services our bookmakers are one step closer to achieving great success. Be sure to contact us at any time for more details on how to get your pay per head account set up within minutes.

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