A price per head solution is an easy, fast and steady online and telephone service provided by a group of gaming experts with a call center located offshore the United States.

Many online bookmakers are currently using this type of business processing outsourcing services to offer a more complete and professional betting service to the players.

With BettorsNet.com® Price per Head you can start outsourcing your players’ packages right away. We provide the most reliable and secure environments to conduct all type of betting activities, while offering full account access and online reporting from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Additionally, our offices are located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, well-known for highly skilled man power, top-notch technology and connectivity plus our team of experts’ extensive gaming background.

If you are still wondering who should use this type of service or if this is the right choice for your business; make sure to get in touch with us. At BettorsNet.com® Price per Head our per head prices start as low as $5 per head.

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