Right now, the hot betting option for sports bettors are Major League Baseball games. Not all bettors like to wager on professional baseball. Those who do can rest easy during the summer months. Those who don’t had better have a plan to increase MLB betting.

A simple part of that plan is to sign-up with a company like Bettors Net. The reason is because Bettors Net’s per head agent software helps increase MLB betting.

How the Better Online Bookie Software Can Increase MLB Betting

Check out 3 aspects of Bettors Net’s online bookie software that can increase MLB betting.

  1. Better online bookie software provides excellent reports – The better the bookie software, the better the reports. Reports are important because they allow agents like you to discover where your book is lacking. By lacking, we mean lacking in action. How much action does Major League Baseball bring to your sportsbook?

Simple betting statistics can help you discover that. How much profit (hold percentage) are you making off MLB games? Again, you can run a report to find that out. You can also run specific reports on player activity. Not only that, but you can customize your Bettors Net dashboard to show 15+ reports that you wish to see.

  1. Better online bookie software provides live betting tools – MLB is perfect to promote live betting. Live betting tools are essential to managing live betting. Bettors Net online bookie software offers a live bet ticker. The live bet ticker allows agents to delete wagers, shows sports bets as they are inserted, and shows all open bets when first loaded.

The key is to increase live betting by first promoting it. Then, the key is to manage live betting. Only through managing live betting can pay per head agents ensure profit.

  1. Better online bookie software provides a bet alert tool – Bettors Net offers a bet alert tool. Most agents provide wagering services to both casual and pro bettors. Many agents provide services to 1 or 2 pro bettors who drive action in their sportsbooks. Once the bet alert tool pings an agent that a pro player has made a bet on a specific MLB game, the agent can then utilize other excellent software tools to either increase betting on that MLB game (casual bettors often follow what pro players do) or set an override on that game.

There are other tools that Bettors Net offers that could help you increase action on MLB games. Some of those tools are offered via Bettors Net’s Premium Package. Call a BN rep at 888-978-0688 for questions.