The world of online gaming is threatening to break free from the strangle holds of traditional casinos. Now virtually anyone can enter the world of online gambling via Pay-Per-Head. This is an innovative way to take bets online that is proving invaluable to bookmakers’ businesses. Not only does the service keep track of all bets and balances for the dealer, it also helps that most of them are located overseas where gambling is legal.

But choosing the right provider is more challenging than it seems. There are several factors to consider before choosing a PPH service provider:

#3 Convenience 

If you’re already taking calls and receiving emails from clients then you’ll want a service that can quickly transfer them to your new online service. Some PPH providers are more efficient than others. BettorsNet prides itself on easy transitions and same-day setup.

#2 Price Per Head

Nothing will cut into your profits more than a really high overhead. Some services are more expensive because they offer more. Other providers are simply getting away with highway robbery. While most services take a one size fits all approach to setting the price for their pay per head packages, offers multiple packages at pricepoints ranging from $5-$20/head to ensure that there’s a right fit for every bookie.

#1 Security

There are several reasons why security is the most important factor for a PPH service provider. Customer care is always paramount with services like these, and no customer is going to be happy about having his or her information stolen. For a bookmaker with lots of clients, keeping them protected is difficult but extremely important. A security breech can also compromise the entire company, costing time and revenue. Cyber thieves are better equipped than ever before. uses technology to provide the safest betting environments in the industry, ensuring your clients are safe whether they’re betting from any type of mobile devices or desktop computers.

Across the board, BettorsNet is the industry standard for PPH providers. Still not convinced? Compare us to the competition. Then see for yourself by signing up for a free trial today.