Online bookie agents that work with Bettors Net have access to some of the very best PPH tools in the industry. One of those tools is the bet alert tool. Most agents know what the bet alert tool does. But, many might question how they can profit from the bet alert tool.

That’s what this blog is about.

How to Profit with BetAlerts, a Premium Sportbook Software Feature

It’s important to understand that the bet alert tool is a premium sportsbook software feature. That means agents can only use the bet alert tool if they signed up for Bettors Net’s Premium Package.

Just for a refresher, the bet alert tool allows agents to set up a bet alert. The bet alert pings the agent when a wager has been placed that coincides with the bet alert parameters.

There are two ways that pay per head agents can make money via the bet alert tool. Both ways are by making decisions based on the tool.

Set up schedule limit overrides, use line mover, or take games off the board

Once an agent is pinged, the agent can decide to set up a schedule limit override. A schedule limit override can hold betting on the specific game. This saves profit because it prevents wagers from being placed on that specific game.

Agents can also use the line mover to change the betting line. This saves profit because by changing the betting line, agents could encourage wagers on the other side of the line. Per head agents could also take the game off the board. By taking the game off the board, agents prevent any wagers from being placed on the game.

Promote action on the game, then use layoff account if necessary

Agents can also promote action on the game and then use the layoff account if necessary. First, promoting action on the bet alerted game leads to more action. Online bookie agents can even refer to the game as being hot in their sportsbooks.

Second, if the action becomes too hot on one side of spread to another, agents can simply utilize their layoff accounts. It’s a win-win with bet alerts.

Another win-win is Bettors Net’s referral program. Contact a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 for details. While on the phone ask about the $3 premium plan promo. You can’t go wrong.