Being an online bookmaker is a very dedicated job that requires many hours of work, details, services so your players keep playing regardless whether it is high or low season. With so many tasks to take care of, there are high chances bookmakers are not able to keep a percentage of your players and their databases just become inactive.

For this reason, at® Pay per Head offshore services we aim to provide our bookmakers with a professional, reliable and cost-effective bookmaking solution so they can grow their betting business and at the same time offer a top quality online service to their players.

At® we offer many great benefits to keep your players engage all season long and also provide additional entertainment options like: virtual casino games, horse racing on more than 70 tracks in the United States, and poker tournaments which they will enjoy very easily just by using any mobile device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Our pay per head online solution is one of the industry pioneers with more than two decades of gaming background and a group of experts in line moving, business development and top-notch technology advantages.

Additionally, at® Pay per Head we have one of the most skilled multiligual customer support staff in the betting industry. Your players will be catered in their own language which is a great advantage when it comes to betting online. They can reach our contact center via telephone, live chat or email at any time of the day.

We guarantee only the best online tools and offer other top services like; risk player management, marketing advice, tout sheets, account reconciliations, pay per head package customization and a close monitoring of your players behavior in order to develop strong strategies to acquire and reactivate sports betting players.® Pay per Head offer the most complete bookmaking solution while ensuring full access to top-notch user-friendly online tools to make our bookmakers´daily work effortless and accurate, while at the same time ensuring their data´ safety and confidentially on every transaction. Be sure to get in touch with us today to set up your pay per head account.

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